Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gotta Love Paint

Hellooo! :) Hope all is doing well with all of you guys... the week seems draggin' for me since I am looking forward to the weekend shoot with some newlyfound friends. :D 
Let me see how my week will roll.

can you see how safe it travelled?

Last Saturday came a box from Milani Cosmetics. It's the July Limited Edition Paint Eyeshadow Palette. I have been looking for this for about weeks until Milani saw my cry on their FB page. LOL.

Here in the run-down:

Product: Paint Eyeshadow Palette
Net Wt. : 0.35 oz / 9.92g
Price: USD 7.99
Product Description: Super-soft, silk like eyeshadow in fashion forward neon colors.

top row: swatches with no base; bottom row: swatches with base (NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk)
 This palette have a matte finish. Colors pop more when used with a base, or you may use it without if you prefer. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. 

Can we say Pigmented? Yes.
Can we say NEON? Yes.
Chalky? Some, and tolerably. (yellow/orange/white.. cmon people, it's MATTE)
Super-soft? Yes.

More pictures below:

If ever you cannot get hold of this product, you may wanna try it's older sister Milani Runway Eyes in 10 Haute Couture palette, almost the same colors but this one's finish is shimmery and can be used wet or dry. Check it out here.

I can say I am lucky enough to know and get acquainted with the company's great PR Samantha & with the Product Development Manager Ericka. They were the ones who introduced me to the brand last year and since then I'm hooked. So let me pass this on to you and I know you'll be hooked too!

A FOTD soon? Yeah boy! :) 



  1. i love this...Im goin to keep an eye out for it :)

  2. Awesome product? Yes! Wow the pigmentation is really nice, love the neon colors, I will defiantly keep my eyes open for this palette!!<3

  3. Amazing palette! The pigment in those colors is phenominal! Thanks for sharing love <3

  4. Omg my inner drag queen is SCREAMING for this product!!!

  5. @wifezilla hekela: saw ur tweet girl! i'm glad you found them! ;D

    @ten-aca: i did amazed me! this is soo in time for summer! 

  6. Those colors are awesome. I might have to try this one out!!!

  7. @senorita vonita: you are welcome love. hope you get to try them soon too!

    @meredith jessica: hahaha you're funny.  isn't it way too awesome to just be a drugstore brand? ;)

  8. @Holly: hello hun! ;) they are awesome. ;) try em out too. ;D

  9. I have seen this and just walked away. Now I hope I still find it!

  10. @lais: thanks for the comment girl! im wishing you the best luck in finding them 

  11. i need this i need it...haha i want it thanks for sharing :)

  12. WOW this is such a gorgeous palette! I so wanna try this out for the summer!!

  13. OH EM GEE!!! This is freakin amazing!! I love it!! By the way, awarded you some cool awards on my blog! Check out my post when you have a sec!!

  14. @lettmebee: you're welcome. I love to share great finds :) u should have them. U NEED IT. Lol. Xoxo, jyz

  15. @jenn: it is!! :) so sad it is limited editon. :

    @jackee: Aaaawwww thats so sweet Jackee, I will surely check it out! :D like.. NOW. 

  16. @fabulous aimee: thank you. ;) hope u get the chance to try them out too. 


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