Thursday, July 7, 2011

My first post : Why blog? Why Pinkprint?

Hello! My name is Jyz and I'm a makeup addict. Yeah. :) I grew up in a family of artists, although different in mediums we all share one common thing:  Love of Art.  I have discovered that human Face is the most perfect canvass for me. I work full-time to a company I so like, and also work freelance as a Make-up Artist.

For a year now I have been thinking of starting a blog.  I have been wanting to share a lot of things: experiences with makeup products (the best, the okays and the dont-waste-your-dollah), tips and tricks I learned for other make-up artists, lessons in makeup that I picked up along the way, make-up inspirations and ideas, oh and a lot more.

Why Pinkprint? Easy..  I love color pink, make it Hot Pink. I was to entitle it Jyz' Blueprint. Growin'up I have seen to many blueprints lying around the house. My Daddy is an architect and he said those are copies of his actual technical drawings that documents his designs.  And man, they are soooo detailed it amazes me everytime. That's how I want this blog to be, a Print of what I have going on in my mind, and yeah in color Pink. :>

I hope to meet new friends, to share the same passion for Art and love of Beauty.




  1. Yay!! Your first blog post! Your bio sounds awesome and I absolutely love your title, "Jyz' Pinkprint"! I'm Jessica, by the way:) Nice to meet you! I Can't wait to see what you'll post next!:)

  2. thanks a lot Jessica! ;D im happy made this blog, i get to meet nice and friendly beauties like you! ;D


  3. Thanks for following me! I am looking forward to seeing your posts!! :)

  4. @Nejy: you are soo welcome ;) luvin ur blog. ;) its weird but im looking forward also to what i will be posting and how it will turn out. lol!

  5. Hey! Thanks for following me!
    I love your 'pinkprint' idea, I think it's really clever ^_^

  6. @Gee: you're welcome!! ;) thank you too! ;)


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