Thursday, July 28, 2011

FOTD: Yes dear Violet, she smokes...

Yesterday morning seems to be a gloomy one for July. I have a photoshoot scheduled in the afternoon and I made it a habit to always have my own makeup done--or at least a well made-up set of eyes--  before heading to the shoot.

me and my cute goofy nephew, he is 3 years old and whenever somebody asks him what is his Auntie is doing he will say "makeup". LOL.

I'm wearing MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation and used MAC MSF in Dark for contour, underye concealed using MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25 before powder foundation.

For my eyebrows I brushed in WnW Lip Pencil in Berry Red and filled in with Maybelline Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown -. (It's okay, the red lip pencil did not complained at all, LOL)

After applying UDPP all-over my eyelid, I used Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil 
in Purple as base color.  I used the 2 middle colors of the WnW Lust Palette, the matte 
warm violet one on my lid and lower lashline, and the shimmery dark steel gray on my crease. 
Eyes tightlined with Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner , and made a winged line 
using Milani Eyetech Liquid Eye Liner.. Lashes curled and brushes 
with MAC Zoomlash Mascara I also used Select Lash 747s. 
 Cheeks are happy with Smashbox Trio blush in Close-up.
I lined my lips with NYX Lip Pencil in Fushcia
and dabbed with Sally Hansen Lip Inflation clear gloss.

Do you like it? ;) Hope you do!


  1. @Fabuluos Aimee: Thank you love! ;)

  2. @Jessica: Thank you my dear ;)

  3. Wow, you look gorgeous! I LOVE your brows!! (Is that weird to say?) Ha!
    Dressology HQ

  4. @Sada: thank you!! :) oh not so, thanks for noticing my brows. :D

  5. I don't like it! I LOVE IT!!!<3 So pretty, love the violet shade and the smokiness of the look:) So beautiful!

  6. @Tenaca: haha you surprised me with your comment. LOL! Thank you honey ;)

  7. Lovely blog, lovely post, lovely make-up!
    How'd your shoot go? P.S I "followed" .. :)

  8. @tamyr: Thank you forthe commment and the folow I appreciate it. The shoot went well, I will be posting a behind-the-scene article of it. ;)

  9. @penelope: thank you honey ;)

  10. I Love it!! Your eye brows are the perfect shape. The colors you choose look very pretty one you!!


  11. @Jenn: thank you my dear! ;) xoxo!

  12. OMG I never thought a lip pencil in red berry could give an amazing OOMPH with the brows!
    YAY! I love your brows! I love how you did your Eye Makeup too!
    And, I'm proud of you--- Proud Pretty Filipina in CA!
    Keep Blogging! See you around!

  13. @Diane: the lip pencil did not complain with the placement, looks like she doesnt even care. LOL. thank you :) see you around :)


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