Sunday, August 7, 2011

To Remind Myself

I just wanted to share a quick Beauty Do's and Dont's. I cut this little article out of a Glamour magazine which issue date I cannot remember. I have this piece up on the side of my vanity mirror for months now to remind myself.

Here is what it says:

Top 20 Beauty Dos and Dont's  (In Two Words or Less)


1. Use SPF
2. Blend Makeup
3. Exfoliate Weekly
4. Trim Regularly
5. Sleep Enough
6. Curl Lashes
7. Experiment
8. Spritz Lightly
9. Shape brows
10. Be confident!


1. Tan
2. Squeeze it
3. Clump lashes
4. Cover freckles
5. Share makeup
6. Fight curls
7. Pick polish
8. Overbronze
9. Overpluck
10. Overanything

 I am guilty of Don't #7. LOL. Picking polish is a habit of mine when i get bored, but i try not to. Which one/s do you like?


  1. Love this . My fave is the no tanning Did without this year and noticed a huge difference in my skin. Sio Im a little pale but bronzer works great!
    PS. I'm guilty of # 7 to0o lol

  2. @Cathy: yes tanning is so bad for skin. im filipina and im a natural tan but lately i got pale. I tan easily especially on summer but i dont like it, it hurts my skin s bad. Good thing bronzers and airbrush tanning are invented. I'm glad to hear about you noticing a big difference on your skin. :)

  3. @Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera: thank you. :)

  4. Oh I am so guilty of #6. I have naturally curly hair and am always straightening it!! HA!!!

  5. Hahahahaha I'm SO guilty! I don't use SPF, I don't sleep enough or trim my hair enough ... and I don't over pluck but I did shave them off and had to grow them back! LOL *smh*

  6. I love this list. I'm happy that #4 & #6 are listed in the don't column:)

  7. @jackee: lol. Im have straight hair and i wanna be curly. :)

    @penelope_amor: u shaved them off?! Omg babe good thing u got them back! ;) I forget spf too so i have to stick this up in my mirror. Hahaha

    @kate: thank you! I think freckles are beutiful... :)

  8. I do 6&7 ALOT in the don't list! lol

  9. I'm big on the "Don't" Tan! I embrace my light complexion and I think all women should, no matter your shade! We are all beautiful the way we naturally are!:) Great post Luv!!<3

  10. haha I love this post & @Tenaca I hear ya. I just stopped tanning about 6 months ago, I know bad..

  11. @Make-up Fiend: lol. im doing dont #7 a while ago. lol.

    @Tenaca: yesi agree we are are naturally beautiful. ;D I am naturally tan and i wanna go lighter but i learned how to just accept it. ;D

    @all: thank you ladies for sharing your comments I appreciate it. ;D

  12. agree on Do's #1. SPF is a must!! I regret for not wearing them earlier :( Great post hun!

  13. @Fabulous Aimee: Thank you! I sometimes forget SPF too!

  14. This is great! I have to admit I am guilty of some of those don'ts! My favorite is #10, Dont OverAnything - yes ma'am! Simple is better :)
    -- Jillian @

  15. @Little Petite: you're welcome. :)

    @Glitz, Glam and Mayhem: i agree, overnything is really over. LOL. :)

  16. aww i like this post! i will do the same! really nice!

  17. I love the don't overdo anything! lol
    I tried the clump lashes look on Monday but because I wanted to see what the fuss was about I see a lot of girls where I live with clumped eyelashes so I guess I can say I experimented. It was a fail smh! Still don't see the point in that haha!
    great post.

  18. @mh8: thank you! ;D its funny clump
    lashes did not work for me too! ;D i look like a mess. hahaha. thanks! im glad people like this post! ;D


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