Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween Day: Dress-up and Make-up

I love October 31st for two main reasons:
1. Hubby and I are celebrating our 13th year together, and
2. I get to dress-up at work. 

As many of you may know, I keep a normal full-time job, it keeps me sane. ;) My BFFs at work decide we dress up, and this is what I was:

A Half Desert Dolly /Half Zombie Army

Here's me with besties Cindy and Devin at work:

My husband dressed up for his work too! ;) I made him a crazy skull face paint. 

Makeup Used:
Ben Nye Fx Wheel in Master Bruise
Ben Nye Fx Wheel in Burns and Blisters
Sugarpill Tako,Midori and Bulletproof
MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo and Red She Said

Ben Nye Creme Base in White
Ben Nye Magicake Palette (white and black)

Halloween maybe over, BUT it doesn't mean I'll stop. <3


  1. Oh I love this!! You look so pretty! & I love your zombie part. That's such a cool skull! Pretty unique.

  2. @Dinorah: thanks luv! :) i love my zombie part too! :) Oh hey, i love you new hair :)

  3. Awesome looks! Love how you did the stitches on your face!

  4. you are so creative love it!

  5. OMG you just scared me LOL you're so creative hun! love!


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