Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bridal Expo at Long Beach Convention Center

It's Bridal Time again! :)

December seems to be a nice month to propose marriage, eh? Premier Bridal Expo at Long Beach Convention Center was a hit! There was a lot of brides with bridesmaids in tow, lots of booths and vendors! :)

I am lucky to freelance and be on-call MUA for Salon 5150 in Brea, and blessed to be make pretty faces for the Fashion Show.

Here's some of the pictures:

It was a lot of fun! :) Love the hair-dos, the make-up and the dresses... Oh, so lovely!

For more pictures, check my facebook page or click here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

NOTW: Dippin Dots in Winter

I am not a big fan of winter. Luckily, I am in sunny California and can still have ice cream!!! Haha. This post is inspired by the current season and Dippin Dots ice cream. 

I used WnW Silvior as base.For the dots, I added few drops of white polish to WnW Bijou Blue to make it a bit lighter blue, and then added in more dots using just the color white.

Now I am craving ice cream! 
Xo, Jyz

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's and Summary of December 2011

Hi folks!How's your New Year's?

Let me start off with an apology for not blogging (and tweeting) the whole month of December WOW, yes the whole month and a half now... It has been crazy busy.

I am kinda feeling of making changes in my blog in 2012... Maybe posting just works or just looks, I have not decided yet and definitely need suggestions, feel free to comment below.

Here is my December Summary in photos. I love holidays they are so much fun :)

i rocked blue and green e/s one day...

 tangerine tango for NYE dinner at home....

yellow on a random day at work...

me and hubby on a Christmas date ;)

me and hubby again - NYE family dinner