Thursday, January 19, 2012

NOTW: Dippin Dots in Winter

I am not a big fan of winter. Luckily, I am in sunny California and can still have ice cream!!! Haha. This post is inspired by the current season and Dippin Dots ice cream. 

I used WnW Silvior as base.For the dots, I added few drops of white polish to WnW Bijou Blue to make it a bit lighter blue, and then added in more dots using just the color white.

Now I am craving ice cream! 
Xo, Jyz


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    1. question totally random .. how do yo enable this REPLY button on your blog I have one on my comments but does nothing if I try to reply... I am not the best with techy stuff....
      Take care hun

    2. Hi Liz! :) To tell you honestly I really dont know how it happened. LOL. All I know is the other night I signed up at disqus, then made my comment area weird and erased all comments, so i edited in template setting and removed it. The comment reply are remained tho... :( Not sure whether to tell you to try it... :( Sorry...

    3. The reply button came with improvements by Blogger. Noticed them this week. They should work. Try refreshing your browser Liz. If not, check your comment settings :)

  2. love the silver polish ! I am totally loving anything fun and shiny nailpolish

    great post.
    and happy new year to ya


  3. Super cute!
    Looks like we already have a LOT in common :)
    Consider me your newest subbie.

    1. Thanks Blanca :) yes we have a LOT <3


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