Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Little box of MAC and Where have I been

Hello everyone! :)

Long time no blog, no tweet, hmm what's going on with me?

Lately I have been trying to hustle. Haha. Yeah just that. Did you guys missed me? (I hope you dont say 'not at all')

I ordered few fun stuff last week, it came monday night. I needed few basics for my personal kit, and im running out of my current eyebrow pencil which is Mac Chromagraphic pencil in Basic Red. Got some mixing mediums too (water-based and eyeliner), a Full Coverage foudation in NC30, and of course Viva Glam Nicki.


  1. Great set of basics! I love me some MAC!

  2. I miss you heaps! Glad to see you're still hauling like a good blogger.

  3. aww thanks olgie! ;) i miss u too. yes i been haulin but no blogging. hahaha

  4. hi babe not sure if i should be happy to see u. i get happy then u leave for another two months :( lol of course we freakin miss ya kidd. u got great stuff n thanks so much for taking time to comment mybloggy i had to doubble check it was really u hehe.. hope all is well girl take care hope to see more posts from u sooon!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hahah! At least u missed me, eh?! :) i am like a mushroom here, but seriously i will be trying harder to post more, im thinking of posting more looks :) i appreciate u took time to comment on my blog, at least i knew some people are still reading this. Hahaha.


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