Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NOTW: Effie Trinket Nails

My Effie Trinket Nail Look

After watching Hunger Games last Friday night, I have been wanting to do either an Effie Trinket makeup look or nail art!

Guess I do not have much time but this should satisfy my Effie-Trinket-related-hunger for now. LOL. This is nail art she wore at The Reaping.

Effie's nail art at The Reaping

 I did not buy anything new to make this, I just pulled out what I already have. Here are the products that I used: 

RK in Snow White, Rimmel in Dazzle, RK in Rauro
I painted 2 thin coats of Ruby Kisses in Tauro, then used a makeup sponge to make a gold ombre effect with Rimmel 606 Dazzle. I topped it all off  with Ruby Kisses Snow White.

It's all so glittery and shiny! It took me few times to get a good picture because all the glitter and shine keep on flashing back.

Gold Ombre look on top of Fuschia

 I hope you like it! I am hoping to do an Effie makeup look soon. <3


  1. So creative and unique!! I love it!!


  2. ive been into sponging lately as well!!

    1. I saw that!! It seems fun I enjoyed it! <3

  3. This looks really cute! I loved the movie btw; I can't wait to read the book next :D


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