Wednesday, June 27, 2012

7th Annual Kandyland Party and Team Indulge

Hi there!

This past weekend had been so crazy busy for me! I had the 7th Annual Kandyland Party to work on and IMATS-LA 2012 to attend! Whew!

The 7th Annual Kandyland Party was held at the famous La Belvedere Mansin a.k.a. Kandy Mansion.It's an $80M mansion in Bel-Air, and they turned it all pretty kandy pink for the party. This event is one of Karma Foundation's number of events they created. For more info click HERE.

I am a MUA for Team Indulge. 

Team Indulge by Olga Loera is a group of celebrity make up artists and hairstylists that perform at high-end, fast-paced fashion shows, movie and commercial sets and fundraising events. We are the exclusive team for the Karma Foundation at Playboy mansion events, "Beauty Lounge" and VIP Room for Karma Models and Members.

The theme for the party is Kandy Barbie. So makeup and hair have to be Barbie-like, and so as our outfits for the night of the event. We all wear black during work, then awesome outfits later on.

Here are some pictures I can share here on my blog:

Body Painted Kandy Model Stephanie. Makeup by me Jyz Reyes-Padilla

Body Painted Model Danielle, Makeup by yours truly.

Gogo Dancer. Makeup by Me ;)

Kandy Cabana Girl's Makeup by ME ;)

Kandy Cabana Girls Makeup by ME ;))
Body Painted Model Carrie. Makeup by ME Jyz Reyes-Padilla
Me, my barbie chucks, and some of my awesome team mates ;)     

Awesome MUA Carly and Me rocking 80s and 90s Barbie ;)

Me in my 90s Barbie outfit with Team Indulge Owner/Celebrity Hairstylist Olga Loera.

I had a GREAT time.
I have posted pictures of models I and Team Indulge did Makeup and Hair on. I try to keep my blog as APPROPRIATE as possible, but my fan page album link is below:

**If you are not into Playboy pictures and semi-nudity (bodies are nude but body-painted), I'd rather not hit the link.... just saying...**

and on my personal Facebook (request me as friend if you would like ;))

This is my second time working & attending KANDYLAND. Last year at Playboy Mansion was so F-U-N too! Since I cannot post pictures last year, here is the link--> PLAYBOY KANDYLAND.

I hope you enjoy my short with lots of links post. 
And, hope you like my makeup work. ;D



  1. wat a fun shoot ur so blessed!

    1. Thanks luv! :) It was a whole day and night of fun. i reached home at 4am.LOL

  2. How fun! I wish I could see all the makeup up close but regardless it looks amazing!!

    1. Soo fun! We were on a tight timeframe per face, so I was not able to take my time taking photos of them. Official photos though are mostly whole body photos. :( But i can recreate it u want. :)


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