Saturday, February 11, 2012

When artists gets bored on a shoot...


Last Saturday we had a series of private photoshoots. I have teamed up with my favorite photographer and hairstylist. It's a 3 separate session of 2hrs each, but unfortunately one did not show up, therefore leaving us free playtime. LOL.

Photographer Brian testing Profotos:

Master Hairstylist Leanne testing a new curling iron on me:

Hahaha, I know.. Yes you can laugh too. I find this pic funny, since I am not a model and was just throwing roses on that fur blanket. LOL. But hey, I think the pose was great, especially my Chuck Taylors! When this was posted by the photographer on my FB the other day, I wished I made my self up too! Hahaha. And ooh-la-la I had so many hair! 

We had so much fun catching up and picking each other's brain!

I love private shoots, our clients felt so pretty and well made up, and they even partied that night with their GFs with the "Look" we made for them. Pictures are still in the process of choosing/editing, and as soon as I get copies I will try to post :D


  1. I like the first picture. So carefree & pretty. Finally reading a new post. Yay!

  2. It looks like you ended up having fun. Can't wait to see the photos!

  3. I love how those curls look!


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