Monday, October 3, 2011

Sugarpill's Addicted to Pretty : Palette Photos, Swatches plus Bulletproof

Hi Pretties! Here are the swatches of Sugarpill's Addicted to Pretty pressed e/s line, as seen from my previous post Sugarpill's Addicted to Pretty : Box Day and Photos

 All swatches are done with a single swipe without the use of any eyeshadow base. It crazily pigmented!!!

Warning: Posts consists of heavily addicting pretty photos that makes you stare for a long time.

Palette Design: I salute the Graphic Designer, whoever you are, I adore you <3

Burning Heart Palette : Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, Poison Plum

Sweetheart Palette: Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, Tako

Bulletproof Single Pressed Eyeshadow

Hope you ladies enjoyed the photos. Because I did enjoy swatching and shooting them. <3 Now I am deciding which one should I use for my first Sugarpill makeup look.... Any suggestions? <3


  1. I was so looking forward to this post and it didn't disappoint at all! I DEFINITELY need to start saving up for some Sugarpill Palettes!!!!

  2. Wow that is crazy pigmented! I cant believe no e/s base on.

  3. That is sooo pigmented. I am jello. I want to buy some now lol. Thanks for the pictures Jyzzie. They're pretty.

    Do the Burning Heart Palette. Those bright colors are screaming to be applied to your pretty face!


  4. Ahhhh amazing! This is the exact order I plan to make, been sitting on my wishlist forever! I need more money!

  5. SOOOOOO amazing! I need to get that Burning Heart palette asap! <3

  6. Love the warning =) too cute. I've heard so much about this n was always like eh! But ur really making me want to try these too.

  7. I have never seen a yellow eyeshadow as pigmented as sugarpills

  8. @Meredith Jessica: babe we DEFINITELY need this in our colorful life. :)

    @Aggie602: yes ma'am, no e/s base.. Awesome right?

    @Tamyr: I love to share quality products  Thank you for the suggestion, my eye is really oh the Burning Heart 

  9. @Amanda Lehrke: Really? Me too, I waited for the two palettes to be available at the same time, so I can make 1 transaction and get free shipping. Hope you get your hands on them soon 

    @Penelope_Amor: hahaha I knew it! Your bet will be the Burning Heart!

    @Jessica: haha thank you. :) hun its worth the money, plus the pans are bigger. Will last longer. 

    @Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera: Yes hun, even hubby agreed it was better than my yellow inglot 

  10. Hahaha... I bought the EXACT same things from Sugarpill! [I guess you HAD to have ALL of the pressed shadow colors too, eh?] =P

    I love the colors... the yellow is probably the hardest one I've had to work with, but I need to invest in a good base other than UDDP. Post some looks with this! I've yet to play with it much, but it'd be great to see what you can turn out with it!

  11. @Soma Seven: True! And now we NEED all the chromalusts!LOL. have you tried NYX Jumbo Pencil, try those, e/s stick to them. Will sure post pics of looks soon! Thanks you love!


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