Monday, July 11, 2011

My Love for Inglot Eyeshadows - Overview

 I would like to share an overview of Inglot Eyshadow in 10-pan  Freedom Palette.  I got this hotties mid-March at Inglot Store in Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

Luckily, I do not live that far so I get the chance to go to the store, got to swatch them, feel their texture and test them. I get to meet the artists working there and they are very helpful in explaining products and giving tips. Inglot have various finishes  - Matte, Pearl, DS or Double Sparkle, AMC or Advanced Makeup Component, and AMC Shine.

fixin' my inglot haul ;)

Inglot offers a feel of heaven to MUAs for offering these awesome products. They also offer 20% discount for makeup professionals, which is such a big help for us in the industry.

I will be doing make-up look using these guys, and will post some  pictures of recent artworks where I used this fab guys from Inglot's line. Oh and will also do swatches of each colors :)

Pinks&Purples  / Oranges & Reds
My Pinks-Purples
Top:  392 Matte, 66 AMC, 439 Pearl, 491 DS, 482 DS
Bottom: 467 DS, 397 Pearl, 488 DS, 362 Matte, 48 AMC Shine

My Yellows-Oranges-Reds
Top: 474 DS, 60 AMC, 51 AMC, 15 AMC Shine, 464 DS
Bottom: 445 Pearl, 450 Pearl, 74 AMC, 452 Pearl, 446 Pearl

Greens & Blues  /  Silver, Blacks & Browns

My Greens-Blues
Top: 41 AMC Shine, 477 Pearl, 58 AMC, 56 AMC, 414 Pearl
Bottom: 372 Matte, 32 AMC Shine, 70 AMC, 480 DS, 483 DS

My Silvers-Blacks-Browns
Top: 496 DS, 447 DS, 454 Pearl, 444 Pearl, 65 AMC
Bottom: 393 Pearl, 25 AMC Shine, 461 DS, 37 AMC Shine, 423 Pearl
Which ones are your faves? Share it, let me know! ;)


  1. I've never tried them before! i don't live far from newpot beach, so I think I'll try to get there too! if you dont mind me asking, how much do they run per eyeshadow? (it's all separate, right?) are any chalky? would love to see swatches!

  2. If you will go look for Liz, she is my FB friend and MUA theree, always willing to help. :D If you will be buying per shadow it will cost u more. Each of my palette cost $50, x 4 = $200. I have 20% off discount it came to $160 + tax = $174. Hope that helps. As for chalkiness, i dont seem to notice any, matte ones tends to but still is awesomel pigmented. :D

  3. So glad you shared this with us. I'll be moving to California next year and newport beach is about an hour - 1 and half hours from where I'll be living, so I'll DEFFO be checking them out. The colors are so so pretty!
    Would love to see some swatches of these please hun showing the mattes, pearls and shimmers =)

    Thanks for the awesome blog post. Can you check out my blog too please? I'll tweet you the link.

  4. oh so for $50 you get 10 shadows+palette?

  5. I don't own any Inglot shadows, but I've heard great things, all the shades look really pretty! Thanks for sharing!<3

  6. @penelope_amor: yay!! move to cali!! pls let us know when so we can meet-up and shop makeup! lol. I would do swatches soon. ;D and will post pictures. ;D i have used them in fashion shows and events ;D i will definitely check out your blog and follow ;D

  7. @Make-up Fiend: Yes ;) worth the money ;D

  8. @Tenaca: you are welcome. ;D i love sharing good stuff. ;D

  9. You're so lucky you get to play at Inglot before purchasing! I knew of Inglot when I studied abroad in Istanbul... it's what most of the Turkish girls I knew used, but I never went in because I wasn't into makeup back then as I am now... *kicks self for missing out* =(

    I think it's great you named your page in part to your dad though... I'm studying to be an interior designer right now, and I know exactly how detailed technical drawings can be, so I think it's adorable you put your own spin on it.

    Keep it up! Your posts are awesome!

  10. @Soma Seven: Thank you! Yes as much as I can I would love to test products before i purchase, especially with makeup. I am kinda scared buying online unless i have tested/see them because i hate regretting my purchases.

    So cool you are studying Interior Design. How are you liking it? I was thinking of studying that for college but for some reason I changed my mind. LOL. Thanks for your nice comment, hope to keep in touch with you. ;D

  11. Wow thanks for sharing!! I've never tried Inglot before.

  12. @Jenn: you are welcome :) i will be posting swatches soon, maybe to help fellow beauties that will be ordering online :)

  13. @fabulous aimee: you should try it! ;D


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