Monday, November 21, 2011

I Love Zuca Pro Artist Collection

Holla Chicas!

Many of you know how i soo love my ZÜCA Artist backpack. It frees my hand as I walk and it goes well with my converse sneakers. LOL. Last Saturday, my Zuca Pro Artist Case came. If you follow me on twitter you can tell how happy am when I finally got them in my hands!

I got the ZÜCA Pro Artist Case in Black/Black. This is so ideal for me, and compliments my backpack so well (or should it be the other way around?). It came with four Large Utility Pouches and one Small Utility Pouch (the same ones on the backpack). I also got the nylon travel cover, which is handy in case in check-in this cute sexy guy.
I chose this one instead of the Sport Artist. Mainly because this have one set of wheels and is FAA-approves as carry-on, plus I get another small pouch for my hair kit and a travel cover!

This is the link to the ZUCA website where you can get yours. ;) They offer so many options and colors but I just love how black/black looks so professional and neat.

I cannot wait to show pictures on how I will fill them and pack them in. I have not have time to do it but will surely post soon! 

Oh man, they look so happy together! They make a great couple! ;)


  1. @makeup artist Jessica: true!!!! :) im sooo glad :)

  2. @jessica: thank you :) it's so worth spending money for! :)

  3. When you fly, since you have the Zuca Sport can you also carry on the Backpack as well?

    Recently purchased both and was wondering myself before I get to the airport and have issues.

    Mind posting how you pack yours? tips and tricks for packing?


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