Monday, November 7, 2011

Kandy Halloween Party at Playboy Mansion

Hi Ladies! 

Lucky me I was able to work and attend the Annual Kandy Halloween at Playboy Mansion. It was a two-night event (Oct.28-29) and I chose only to attend Friday night since I knew I will be so sore and tired for working and then partying. LOL.

I had the opportunity to do makeup for the Body Painted Models again. It was my second time doing makeup for these models. My first was the Playboy Kandyland Party in June. I have posted a lot pictures in my Facebook so please go check them out there too and leave me a comment. ;) I chose not to post some of the pictures here because they are really wearing nothing but body paint. As in NADAH but body paint.

Her bodypaint costume: Hef's Red Robe
One of the Go-go Dancers I did MU on. And yes, she is dressed. ;)

One of the body painted models.

My teammates and I were there at 10am and was done by around 8pm. We did all the magic in the basement gymn, where they always do the body painting. It was fun working there and definitely more in partying. ;) Food, drinks and shuttle ride all covered. What more can I ask for?

For my costume, I decided to just be the devil myself (haha) since I would not have time to prepare my costume and makeup in the daytime as I work.

Me and Michelle, a fellow MUA.
Team Founder and Celebrity Hairstylist Olga Loera doing my hair. ;)

TEAM INDULGE: Great team of Mua, Hair and SPFX.
 Did I see Hef? Yes, on his Cabana surrounded by pretty girls and the media.

Please do not forget to check out my Facebook Page, the pictures are all there. I do not feel right posting nudes in here, at least in FB, the models are aware cause they are my FB friends too. ;)


  1. Wow lucky you girl! And those are some nice pictures.

  2. How awesome!!! Looks like you did some great work, I wish I could attend a party at the Mansion :P

  3. That's really cool Jyz. I'm glad you all had fun and as always, you guys did a great job.


  4. @inmyhansonshirt: yes it was cool :)

    @Teli: Thank you babe!

    @Jessica: Yes mama, if only I can bring all of you!

    @Amanda: Thank You! :) If you are in the SoCal I can send you invites when I am going... It costs to much tho....

  5. @Tamyr: Thank you! Yes I did have fun, I should at least or else I would get crazy on all that os happening to my life.. you know it.. :)

  6. You are very talented and classy. Thnx for sharing.

  7. Omg how fun!! The models look amazing! You're just so talented! & Your outfit is so hot! You look so adorable.. Adorably devilish? Teehee <3 Glad you had so much fun! Doing big thangs, girl! Yay!

  8. Hubba hubba! Check you out! You're so skilled!

  9. @Dinorah: Thank you babe! :) I like the Adorably Devilish word. Hehe.:)

    @olgiepolgie: thank you! :) im glad to work for playboy :)


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