Friday, July 20, 2012

IMATS LA 2012 - The Goodies

Here it is! The goodies I got from IMATS-LA in Pasadena last month!

I did not go crazy on buying makeup stuff, I just got what I need (err..want?). This is just a photo summary of these bad boys. I can do a separate post and review, if you'd like.

Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette, Goldilux Pigment, Love+ and the limited edition @#$%!

Whoohhoo! More OCC LIPTARS for me!

Bdellium Brushes and Crown Brushes

UD Naked 2 palette and Urban Glow Highlight
(They run out of these at the booth, they emailed me a coupon code to use online)

Ardell Lashes Galore!

Monda Studio Stainless Palette (Sometimes my MAC one seems so small..)

My new Set Bag from Stilazzi at Frends

Dinair Airbrush System

Dinair colors - foundation, blush, tanning, primary colors, concealer, etc.

Basic Airbrushing Accessories - cleaner, etc.
And that's it!

The next IMATS-LA will be in January. I am still undecide if I should go since the date is soooo close to The Makeup Show. But if I get the extra money to attend both, why not, right?!



  1. So many great things! I really love the Urban Decay Glow Highlight! It looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I got that one on sale online for just $6. ;D

  2. The brushes and the clear bag are great buys! I need a bag like that

    1. im sure you gonna love the stillazi clear set bag. I got the small one because i am kinda on the slim side, and I cannot carry too much. I am loving Bdellium too!

  3. You got some really cool stuff I love the lashes and I own a few of the occ lip tars love them they do not come all lol


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