Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sugarpill's Addicted to Pretty : Box Day & Photos

Hello Ladies! Yes I AM BACK! I apologize for my short absence but here I come with an open box and swatchfest of Sugarpill Cosmetics' Addicted to Pretty line of pressed eyeshadows. 

Warning: Heavy Lotsa Addicting Photos

I have been wanting Sugarpill since last year, I was just not sure why I do not have these yet and the thought makes me knock my own head. I learned I have been missing a lot for not having these. The great HubbyLuvvy send me the signal to get all the pressed e/s, who am I to complain? I ordered these guys Wednesday night and got them Saturday (yesterday) morning. 

I will be doing another post for swatches.

Everything inside the cute box
The personalized note from Amy aka Shrinkle is warming <3 She also sent me the free sticker and a sample of Goldilux Chromalust..

pretty packaging
what is says on the back of the palette

Sweetheart Palette, Bulletproof Single E/S, Burning Heart Palette

and oh, it was delivered inside this cutest box I've seen

the cutest box

 Okay hunnies, getting off for now to do swatches of this pretties!


  1. wow those colors are cute & vibrant! I like!

  2. Wow!! Really pretty. I want to buy Sugarpill Cosmetics :)

  3. This is so cute!!


  4. OOh i can't wait to see what looks you come up with using these shades!

  5. welcome back sister! Wow! This is interesting! Can't wait for the swatches!:)keep safe:)

  6. Ughhhhh, I really really really need sugarpill cosmetics in my life. These colors are just screaming to me, buy me buy me buy me! Can't wait for your swatches!

  7. oooooh my gosh I want them! <3 great pictures babe!

  8. @Paulina Mo: yes so vibrant :)

    @babyvmacgirl: makes u buy right. Haha.

    @Jenn: thank you <3

    @Ailah: oh girl me too, cant wait! Thank you!! :)

  9. @Fabulous Aimee: Thank you for the warm welcome. 

    @MeredithJessica: I know right?! The drags inside us screams NEED. Lol.

    @Penelope_Amor: Thanks hun. <3 these pills deserve good shots! :D


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