Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scary Hubby

Hello everyone!

Last week I had playtime and luckily my hubby agreed that I borrow his face for some scary icky look I wanted to do. I love Halloween, I can get all my dark side of creativity without people looking at me like a total weirdo. LOL.

Warning: If you are not into seein' a just KINDA scary/gory stuff, forgive me and skip this post of mine. ;)

And here is what we came up with:

Good thing he knows the trick to hide/tuck or move eyeballs to make it look all white! He liked it so much it is now his Facebook profile picture! (He said for the meantime till we have playtime again).

We took Black and White shots too! ;)

We did not go much into details since its intended just for fun, but happily it turned out nice!
For more picture you can visit my FB page. Click ME.
I hope you guys find it scary and liked it! ;)


  1. This is awesome!! How did you do this?! I really did freak out a bit but then read the title and started breathing again. Great job!!

  2. @Butterfly Besos: :) Thank u! :)

    @Ailah: Haha! Thank You! :) I did it with latex and some spfx makeup :D Glad you like them :)

  3. This is incredible! Totally creepy. Nice work.

  4. I've seen these pics on FB and at first I was scared lol. You did such a great job and your hubby is so sweet for letting you lend his face :P


  5. ohh my!!! you're really talented girl! love it:)Love horror movies with zombies anyways, great job!


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