Friday, September 23, 2011

Sunshine Award and One Lovely Blog Award

Hey hey hey!!! :) I feel so flattered and appreciated by receiving these two awesome awards from Aimee of Fabulosity World. Aimee is such a sweet lady I met here in blogger and twitter. I would like to meet personally soon. Please do not forget to check out her blog as well.

First award is the One Lovely Blogger Award wherein you post in 7 Random Facts about yourself and awards others too. I did this one already ini July/August. Wanna know 7 Random Facts about me? Click HERE.

Second award I received Is the Sunshine Award. The Rule to this award is to write a post about it, answer the questions and pass it on to 10 bloggers.

Here are my Answers:

Favorite Color : Pink
Favorite Animal: Turtles
Favorite Number: 31
Favorite Drink: Startbucks' Java Chip Frappucino
Faceboook/Twitter: Both!
Your Passion: Paintings and Makeup
Giving/Getting Presents: Both. Hahahaha.
Favorite Pattern: Vintage French and Polka Dots
Favorite Day: Sunday and Wednesday
Favorite Flower: Nada. :( Is MAC Sushi Flower counted? LOL.

  I am now awarding these awards to these AWESOME ladies below:

Dinorah of Dinorah Baby
MissJnell18 of My Sweet Escape
ButterflyBesos of Glamorous Butterfly
Aggie of RXQNAesthetics
Kelly of KellaBella83
Blanca of BlushMePink
Lizbeth of Glamstyln'
Ailah of Cosmetic Blur
Venusocean of Venus Ocean

If you happen to receive this awards in the past and did a post about it, pls share your link below. 
Cannot wait to see your answers! 


  1. Aw thx for this lovely award mamma! I appreciate it. xoxo Besos!

  2. thnks for the award girl ! **kisses&hugs*

    heres my link <3

    and i will be sure to include your site in a future post <3 :)

  3. Wow Thank you so much Love for giving me these awards! I'm so honored to be included sweets! I will post them on my blog =)

    xoxo, Ocean

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  5. Aww you're so sweet ! Thank you so much for passing these awards to me loves !! You're truly amazing ! Have a great weekend ! <3

    XOXO, MissJnel18 (:

  6. I didn't know until now that you're a school teacher? haha that's cool babe!:) I'd like to meet you in person as well:) You're such nice person to keep!:)love you!

  7. Awww!!! Thanks girly!! I appreciate it :) So glad to have met you through blogging, you really are a sweet girl


  8. congrats for those awrds.. keep in touch hun!

  9. Yay! More well-deserved blog awards for you. Well done.

  10. Ladies you all deserve awards fro being sweet!!! 


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