Saturday, August 13, 2011

NOTW: Polky Dotty

When I see red and white polka dots it always reminds me of New Year's Eve. It's  a tradition back home that kids would wear polka dots dresses and costumes by new years eve and carry coins to bring in good luck and prosperity. I am not sure if it has prospered me but I had a hell lot of fun wearing them. LOL.

It's not NYE I know, but I wanna wear it. 
It's a good luck for the fashion show I will be part of the next day. ;)

Revlon Cherries in the Snow and Kleancolor in White

I painted them on thursday night. I tried to put CG Crackle (white) but it only dragged the red color and looks messy.

***  I worked with my team,  Team Indulge "LOOKS" Fashion Show last night at Sutra Club in Costa Mesa. I had a blast and I felt the love and support of my love ones and lovelies.
Fellow beauty blogger and twitter friend Blanca a.k.a. LettMeBee met me up there too! ;)
  Will do another post on that one.***

Who love Polka Dots?


  1. awe!!! it was a pleasure been there wit u i enjoyed the time we had to share hey thanks for the freebie and thanks for the drink..send me pix when u get the chance look forward to many more.

  2. @lettmebee: I thought we follow each others blog? LOL. You're funny. You are so welcome anytime. Thanks for watching the show and partyin with us. If I get the chance tonight I will send you the pic and twitterblast it too. :D Lookin forward to seeing you again and meetin up with fellow bloggers too! :)

  3. so nice girl! it reminds me of strawberries:)luv luv:) My nails are weak:( they easily breaks! how do you maintain a healthy nails?:)

  4. Yay glad the shoot went great!:) Awesome lucky pooka dots!! Cute nails!<3

  5. @fabuluos aimee: thank you. :D my nails used to be weak, especiially when i am wearing acrylics.. I do not nail bite and i used strengthening base/top coats. :) They say take Biotin vitamins, i haven't tried tho. i keep mine short, it's easier for me and looks neat when im doing other people's faces :)

    @ten-aca: yes the fashion show went very well. i wish you were there too. :) polkas gave me luck!

  6. Wow this is so cute! :) love polka dots ♥


  7. @evilnymphstuff: thank you DaphYin ;D

    @Meredith Jessica: awww thanks hun ;>

  8. This is so cute! I want to try this. I don't have a dotting tool though so I always end up leaving globs when I want to make dots lol Super pretty though. Such a nice red.

  9. @Dinorah: Thank you! ;) Before I use toothpicks, but it gives me stripey line it so harsh. A dotting tool is a good investment. :D xoxo, jyz


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