Saturday, August 20, 2011

Creativity Did Flow

It was a little bit weird for me that I did the first post Creativity Flows showing some pics captured from my iphone. LOL. Maybe I should have waited for some other cool pics from other photographers before I posted it. Sometimes I am impatient.
I wanted to share few more cool pictures from the same two photoshoots plus a bonus video of behind the scenes. :) 

First is the LA/OC Fashion Photographers Shoot ;)

me and natalie


more awesomeness ;D
then the video

Second is the creative shoot with my fellow Team Indulge members ;)

Did you find me?

photo by Silence Photography

For those who are my Facebook friends, I am sorry that you have seen this already. Ya'll know that I am an FBholic. 

Honestly, it's my second time to see myself in youtube video. LOL. The first one the camera just gave me a quick glance that it took me a while to figure out if it is really me. Hahaha.

Did u like what you see?


  1. Whoa!
    I found your blog today! It`s really an awesome Blog! ღ

  2. These look great!! So pretty you did a great job yayyy!! xo

  3. @aliceinwonderland: thank you! ;)

    @jenn: Yayy! thank you Jen. ;)

  4. @inmyhansonshirt: thank you! Im glad you fine them fantastic ;)

  5. awesome job doll! I love these looks!

  6. @Raelene Ashley: thank you sweetie! ;D

  7. The pictures turned out really awesome and beautiful! & thank you so much for your lovely comment! I will be following you back (:

  8. Gorgeous, aweSome work as always! You are da bomb!!<3

  9. @Loren: thank you soo much :)

    @Tenaca: awww thanks :) you the bomb too! :)


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