Monday, August 1, 2011

NOTW: Mint Chocolate

Hand me anything mint chocolate flavored and i would never say no to it. Be it sweets, candies, especially ice cream! The funny thing is I get dizzy whenever I eat anything mint chocolate, but that never stopped me from eating it tho. 

Since it has been a hectic week for me to afford any dizziness, I came
up with this solution.

Here is what i used: 
ELF polish in Chocolate, CG Crackle in Crushed Candy, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Topcoat, ELF Cuticle Pen, JR Watkins Hand and Cuticle Salve

ELF nail polish in Chocolate and CG Crackle in Crushed Candy
What a good way to ease my cravings. 

What polish are you wearing today?


  1. CUTE colors!! Following you now too! Love the make up post below!!


  2. @PaulinaMo: Thank you Pau! ;)I appreciate it. ;)

  3. I love the combination! I have to buy these nail polishes, thanks for sharing grl! =)

  4. Haha, I don't know if this would ease my cravings but they are very cute colors together, those used to be the colors of my whole bedroom!

  5. @kaykaysmakeupbag: thank you. ;) im glad u like the combo. ;)

    @meredith jessica; really? ;) oh thats a nice bedroom color! ;) i miss painting bedroom walls, but cant now cuz were renting apt. lol.

  6. this is really cute I love the China Glaze color! Its so gorgeous<3

  7. I still have to try the crackle polishes, I've heard so much about them! Great colors:)

  8. @Jenn: i love it too! i just wish it was a little bit brighter.. but i still love it :)

    @little petite: you should! :) i am late trying them out too. LoL

    @ALL: thank you ladies for the comments :D xoxo

  9. @NykkeyB: oh thank you.. ;D

  10. I just tried my first crackle yesterday and love it!! The only colors they had were silver and red so I got the silver and did it over black. But I love your mint chocolate! Cant wait to try it!


  11. Such a pretty combo! It looks great on you :) Loving the pinkness of your blog!

  12. @kellabella:thanks kelly! ;D isn't crackle 's so fun? ;) i love ur combo of silver and black, thats rocker edgy i love it. ;) did u post pics? ;)

    @Vintage Makeup: thank you mydl dear ;) i love pink so much. ;) its too girly for my style but i cant help it. LOL.

  13. Hi jyz! :)

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your nail polish! :o sooo sexy and sophisticated. But did you just scratched the other parts to create a style? Bec.that is so creative girl! Im not good in making nail arts ahha! I can only do (messy) french nails :( thats it ahha!

    Oh! And thnx for checkin my High school post . I really really appreciate it.

    I live in lake elsinore btw. Love to meet proud pinay bloggers in so-cal :)

    loves more,

  14. Hi Teli! :)

    Thank you so much for the comment. :) i didn't scratched any of them, it turned out like that using the crackle. It looked fine to me tho. LOL.

    I love your HS post, I miss my own friends and i only see them in FB. ;(

    Keep in touch girlie! :D

  15. i always love your polish! nice picks hun!


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