Saturday, August 27, 2011

I got her Speechless.

I was heading home from work and I got this twit from Beena that I am featured at her blog. Not once, but twice! ;) I missed the first one, my bad *smh...At her post she shared one of my FOTD blog pic (click me). 

I really appreciate that she featured me on her blog, posted my blog and shared my link. She is fascinated by eyebrows and said she can talk about eyebrows for days, but I got her speechless! ;) I love receiving compliments from fellow beauty bloggers, who wouldn't right?

Wanna read what she wrote about me? Click ----> this<---- Love this sweetie!

This makes me think.....eyebrow tutorial... Hmmmmm.......


  1. Haha aweee my lil Sabrina, she's def. A sweetie.. >3 nice of u to feature her on ur blog doll...

  2. aww now Im speechless again!?!
    Now I feel part of the cool kids being featured on your blog!!!:)
    Thanks for sharing my blog it means a lot!
    AND YES for the eyebrow tutorial then I can link it from my blog :)

  3. Awesome! Congrats :)


  4. Wow what a great feeling you must feel so flattered I will def check out her blog/

  5. @jessica: yeah! Isnt she sweet :)

    @mh8: speechless again? Lol! sure, if i make a tutorial il surely let you know ;D

    @blushmepink: thanks babe! :)

    @evilnymphstuff: aaww thanks :)

    @inmyhansonshirt: thank u hunny:)

    @aggie602: I am definitely flattered, she sooo sweet! :)

  6. So cute, congrats, that's fantastic!

  7. @meredith jessica: yes, so cute and sweet. thank you ;)


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