Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bridal Shoot - Wacky Behind the Scenes

I really had an amazing and stunning shoot yesterday! ;) I am so lucky to have talented friends that are sooo fun to work with! I get to meet 3 new models too. We had a fabulous time doing the shoot together!

We did 4 looks, a clean/natural look, a victorian/tradional bride, modern bride and a pin-up bride.

These are only behind the scene pictures taken from my iphone, just a sneak preview of what's coming. I am just so excited to share this with you. 

the brides, the mua and the hairstylist

just the photographer is not looking

amazing photographer Brian Barreto

Leanne (hairstylist), Brian (photographer), Crystal (model) and Jyz (mua)

Hope you ladies like my post! ;) As soon as I get the official ones I will share a few here too! ;)
This wanna make me go marry my husband again! LOL.


  1. Wow you had an amazing time with these awesome poeple! :) The photos are very beautiful! Thanks for sharing


  2. it's great when you can love what you do, you are blessed

  3. @DaphYin: thank you! yeah we did have fun! ;)

    @Jessica: i believe on that, ;) i am blessed to love what I do. ;D thank you!

    @Inmyhansonshirt: yes it was lots of fun! we were just like
    hanging out in the studio. ;) thank you! ;)

  4. Looks so much fun, I wanna see the final pics!!!

  5. @Ailah: thank you! ;) I have some of the final pics on my facebook :)

  6. Your so cute!!! Love your hair :) xo

  7. @jenn: thanks babe :) i have a messy hair yesterday but love it that way :) lolz

  8. Aww how pretty!! The behind the scene pics look lovely! I can't even imagine how the actual p/s pics are going to look! The makeup looks so pretty! You're so cute! I love your hair color!

  9. @Dinorah: Thank you!! I myself are excited to see the final pics! the photographer posted/tagged me some on my facebook. ;) thank you!!! ;D

  10. Aweee ur too cute love this post!!!!!!!

  11. @jessica: thank you!! ;D i soo loved it! i was hyper tho. lolz.


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