Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Evil loves Evil Doll

The story continues....

After the Kandy Halloween Party at Playboy Mansion, I did not get back home until 5am the next day Saturday. I needed much SLEEP and SNORE, I am just glad husband let me do it to recover. Waking up 9 hours later, Im up on my feet and ready to do Zombies. My client and his wife came in at 4pm and I zombified them. LOL. I will be posting another entry that includes some of the SPFX I did the Halloween weekend.

At night, we met with out friends at Hooter's at The Pike in Long Beach. I love that location, it feels very homey and that the staff are really nice. I went in as Evil Doll and Hubby as the Evil. Here are our pictures: 

I did not cover my eyebrows, less work for me.

my pink up-crooked inner brows

For my makeup I used Sugarpill's Love+ and Poison Plum from the Burning Heart palette, and Dollipop and Tako from the Sweetheart palette.  Love+,Poison Plum and Tako goes to my eyes, and Dollipop to my eyebrows and cheeks. Hubby used Bulletproof. I just wore a dress my momma gave me, it has a cute bow in the front. And here is the gang with our dedicated Hooter girl:

How did your Halloween Weekend go?


  1. Omg sounds like you had so much fun and I love both of your looks.

  2. So much fun!!!
    Your hubby seems like a sweet man. My mom saw your doll make-up and she loved it. She liked the eyelashes under.

    You looked great and so did the rest of the gang ;)

    P.S Thank you for your encouragement. It made my day.

  3. @inmyhansonshirt: thank you honey! ;) im kinda late in posting this but I love sharing this out! ;)

    @Rxqnaesthetics: Thank you! Yes we did had a blast! ;)

    @Tamyr: Yes babe, hubby is supportive and sweet. ;) Send my thank yous to your mommy ;) P.s. becuz i love you ;)

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!! This is cute!! Creepy, but cute!!! Glad you're backxoxo

  5. @Mercedes: Thank you! :) I am glad to be back too!

    @olgiepolgie: thanks hun. :)


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