Sunday, November 13, 2011

M.A.C. Pro Master Class Bridal Beauty with John Stapleton

Last Sunday, November 6th, I attended one of M.A.C. Pro's Master Classes. This one is Bridal Beauty with Senior Artist John Stapleton. It was held at Los Cerritos Shopping Center and run from 8pm-10pm.

I am very much interested in this class since it would be a good refresher for me, plus I get to see and learn the techniques a Senior M.A.C. artist uses to create magic on brides. John have worked in NY/LA/London Fashion Week, have done makeup for numerous celebrities, magazines,ads and much more. John's lecture and demo went on very smoothly and really educational. All questions from the participants were answered and given good explanation. He is down-to-earth you wouldn't be shy about asking questions.I really learned a lot.

After the class, I took the chance to introduce myself. We only had a short chat, since it was almost 11pm. And yes, we took pictures. Nobody was available that time (they're all busy shopping their bridal kit must-haves) so we took the honor of taking pics of ourselves.

here it is:

John and Me at M.A.C. Los Cerritos, CA

Me and John after the class.

It was great meeting him. He and his work is such a wonderful inspiration. :)



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