Saturday, July 30, 2011

Creativity Flows...

One of the things I love about being a makeup artist is how I get to express myself through my work. Recently i had 2 photoshoots (2 days aprt) and the photographers & the models really did gave me my freedom to let the creative mind flow.

Honestly I am hesitant to show this on my blog, since I keep other online portfolio like MM, Carbonmade and My FB Fan Page. I have tweeted pictures of some of these, and my tweeter friend Kay of @babeedoll89  were chatting about posting and sharing these here too. Hmm..why not! As long as I don't get you bored right?

Sunday shoot is a meet-up of LA and OC Fashion Photographers.
makeup and hair by me, pic taken from my iphone ;)
Photo by Brian Barreto

Photo by Gregory Moore

Wednesday shoot is a project with my team mates, this is our first TFP shoot after our last Playboy gig.

makeup by me, hair by LeAnne Hare , photo taken from iphone
Photo by Micah O'Hair

Photo by Micah O'Hair

 I posted more of pictures in my Facebook Fan Page ( Like and befriend me there too!) and also on my links on the side--->>>>

Hope you like what I shared today. :) Feel free to comment, ask, suggest or anything. ;)


  1. Woooah that's awesome. Love the looks ;)

  2. You're so talented hun!:)Super Love it!!!keep them coming!

  3. @Fabulous Aimee: thank you! ;) i thought it will be weird to post them here. ;) lol

  4. It's totally true. Letting your creativity flow usually happens during work. You come up with fantastic things you thought you would never be able to pull off. Atleast that's what I usually feel like lol.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. You did a great job.

  5. These looks are amazing, especially loving the third picture, thats gorgeous :)

    Love Christine ♥

  6. @Makeuo Artist Jessica Rivera: Thank you love!

    @Tamyr Sigourney: you too? :) Usually before the shoot I will already plan on what look am I gonna do, but with this two shoots what I planned did not happen but I am happy with the result! And it turned out even better. ;) Thank you. xox, jyz

    @Christine Iversen: Thank you Christine, I have more pictures of her on my FB fan page if you would like to see. <3, jyz

  7. Wow, so fierce! Totally saving these pictures.

  8. Loving the new layout of your blog! That Follower couch looks familiar, lol!! Wow those pics look amazing, you are so talented! Makeup and hair look so gorgeous, love your work!!!<3

  9. @Meredith Jessica: thank you!! ;D im glad u like them!

    @Ten-aca: i finally had the time to set this up. ;) i saw the welcome couch then added the followers couch cuz it matches. i forgot u have the same. LOL.
    Thanks for loving my work. ;) im so happy it turned out well. ;D

  10. Did you do the hair for the second model too? I love your work!! Mind following back? :)

  11. @The Shoe Bunny: Hello! No babe for the second model we have a great hairstylist. ;) Sure, I will check out yours ;)


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