Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FOTD: Very Light & MAC Haul

Today I woke up early. I do not know where the energy is coming from but I am glad that I am not forcing myself to get outta bed. I hope for it to happen again. 

I can soo feel summer here in Cali. It's beautiful outside. I have a lot in my To-Do List and I plan to finish them all. Yeba! So I made this very light so I do not have to retouch eyeliners. ;) I eyes tend to water when sun hits them directly. Its so simple and so wearable.

I used Inglot eyeshadows #362, #397, #419 over UDPP, lined with MAC Blacktrack fluidline, eyelashes curled then 2 coats of MAC Zoomlash.
I have mix of MAC Tippy & Gleeful on my cheeks, lined my lips with
NYX Lip Pencil in Mauve then painted with MAC Spiceflower.

and i happen to play with my pics (pic below)

We also went to the mall today to have my ring resized.  I tried hard to avoid Mac, but I heard he called me. I swear, LOL. So knowing myself, I gave in. Here's what I got.

Some are for my kit and some are for me.
I am lucky to be in Cali and work as MUA and get my discount on almost every brand, but one problem is getting the money to spend on makeup that I just WANT. 
Hmmm... I might have to stick to my NEED List next time...
Hey I deserve this, right?  LOL.


  1. Liking the look of those colours from your haul :D

  2. @adoreabubbles: thank you dear! ;D

  3. I love how light and pretty this look is! Such a perfect Summer look =)

  4. @penelope_amor: thanks penelope. i didn't retouched the whole day, sometimes im lazy to, so i avoid cream prods. LOL.

  5. lol yea it's hard sticking to what you "need"

  6. Really nice blog:) Followed:) Come and check out mine if you like http://tammyfavata.blogspot.com/

  7. yay! you've got lots of pretty colours!love your look too!:))

  8. Love it I wish I could get a discount on Makeup as much as I spend on it lol

  9. Yes you deserve treating yourself, you work hard!! Great look by the way, love the blue color! <3

  10. I like how you do your makeup :) I like how the purple looks!! I just found your blog and I am now following.

  11. @make-up artist Jessica Rivera: i know, we always want a lot. it's the mu addict in me. LOL. then my wants moves to my need list. lol

    @tammy: thank you for following doll. ;) il will definitely check yours out!

    @bella: thank you! ;)

    @jessica: thank you. it so simple i did not need to retouch. ;)

  12. @fabulous aimee: i know they look like candies to me. ;D thank you for likin the look. ;)

    @cathy: thanks. i wished on that too before. lol

  13. @Tena-aca: thank you sistah! ;D i love working hard for my passion, and get compensated by mu too. lol

    @little petite: thank you for lovin the look and following my blog. I am here to meet fellow beauties and get more friends. ;D il go check your blog too! xoxo, jyz


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