Sunday, July 17, 2011

NOTW: Shattered B&W

Heya Dolls, it's nail time! :) I have a routine of doing my nails on one of my days off. I only tend to do it some other day if I have work (which is unlikely on a Sunday) or a make-up gig or photoshoot (which is most likely). Anyhoo, here is what i will be rockin this week:

So simple but makes statement, eh?
White base color reminds me of "SnowFake" of the 90s,  a liquid type white-out.

Here's what is used:
KleanColor in White, OPI Shatter in Black Shatter, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Topcoat 
and ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen.

I used to do a lot of nail art, from konads to freehand nail painting to even doing my own acrylics.
I wish to fall in love again with nail art soon. ;)

What's on your nails today?


  1. Looks awesome!! The polish looks so good on you! <3

  2. @Ten-aca: thank you hun! ;) i was thinking of just white but it looks like a white-out. lol

  3. @make-fiend: thanks doll! ;)

  4. Like it... Hope I can visit you there, so you can do my nails...

  5. Love the classic white and black look. I really want to try the shatter effect polishes :) x

  6. @charlee: i love the black and white too, will never go wrong ;D you should try them too and share! 

  7. @penelope_amor: aww thank you! im glad u liked them! ;D

  8. Love it!! Very cute! I do my nails at work every week! In between waiting for screens to load on my computer! HA!!

  9. @Jackee: thank you! Oh lucky! I wish i can do that at work. Lol. :D


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